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The territory of Ukraine today is widely covered on the Internet, even recent events in the country had not reduced the interest of users to the beauty of nature, the sights, but reduced the flow of tourists, if not completely stopped it. Despite the limitation of transport in the country to see Ukraine, and the city of Chernomorsk in its composition, without leaving the house, it is enough to use our presented stream installed in the Park in fountain webcam. The view from the Executive Committee is the best position which gives a clear idea about the object, opens to the user a lovely picture of the water surface of the pond, its flora and fauna. Webcam close enough to the object so that you can consider the descent to the water, specially arranged small wooden ledges. If you watch the video in the warm season, it's hard not to notice the birds on the water that arrive here breed. The device is in online mode, the stream is completely free for any user on the network, regardless of its location. Uninterrupted viewing of the video provides a good connection to the Internet. A webcam can become an assistant when necessary to determine weather conditions within the coverage of the broadcast. The camera operates around the clock, but after sunset, due to the lack of night mode and light sources, the picture worsens. The best time to get acquainted with the Park and to appreciate its advantages – the day when the sun is at the Zenith and maximum illuminates the object in question.

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