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A huge area in the busy city of Ilyichevsk seaport. Here are located not only docks for the merchant ships, but also piers, wharves, industrial buildings. Despite the fact that the entrance into the facility is free, not everyone wants to go here, and all because there are many equipment, the work goes on by day and by night and strangers not favor. The easiest and safest way today to see the harbour from the bird's eye view is to turn on your computer online video from the web camera installed here. The picture is available for anyone, this is a unique opportunity to satisfy their curiosity, learn something new about the port's location, its internal design. From the top, everything seems completely different. The webcam works in real time around the clock, after dark you can see only some of the areas, all because the light is not everywhere. From your computer screen you can see not only the shore, but the sea surface, sometimes in shots entering the port of ships. If you think that there is nothing interesting to watch the port, it is wrong to provide a complete picture of the city need to know how to live every part of it and the port is one of the main strategic objects in Ukraine. It here brought a large part of the goods, hence the mail picks up your product, then dilute it at home and arrive here after a month of swimming sailors. Then there is always a lot of activity, and if you have the slightest opportunity to visit Porto, make sure to do it.

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