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Latvia is famous for its beauty, ecology and beautiful landscapes, its cities are densely filled with greenery, from which during the holidays one gets a pleasant feeling of comfort. There are well-known and less-known city, for example, Daugavpils is not always known, but that doesn't mean you can't get quality rest. the climate in summer is close to continental, the temperature here never rises above 25 degrees, so the tourists are not languishing in the heat and rejoice in the gentle sun. Popular and area Unity, on which territory is located the Park area. Here come the locals and tourists to usefully spend time. To see the object today and you can, just activate the stream on your computer. Web camera installed at a height, hence was able to almost completely cover the square and the area around it with administrative and residential buildings. If you look closely, you can see that to a greater extent in the city of planted conifers, all because of the climate. The webcam will allow you the details object, it works online, around the clock. The picture comes on the screen of your computer in real time, so you can evaluate weather conditions in the country in a given period. on the square itself there is no lights and can't help but notice on the broadcast, so with the onset of darkness at the moment only Windows of buildings and small light sources located in the coverage area. More information about the object you can get the day when the sun illuminates all corners of the city.

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