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Jurmala – a city that is popular with modern tourists, that will never be bored, and the beauty of its landscape and nature around will definitely impress you if you come here for a visit. If we consider the city from the progress here is very well developed internal infrastructure, local residents enjoy all the benefits of civilization, and tourists getting a comfortable and quality vacation with comfortable hotels. Some streets and sights today widely reported on the Internet. This became possible once there was a way through the installed web camera to transmit the broadcast in real time around the clock. Online videos can be watched from the street Theatre, a webcam was installed here on one of the pillars, so the lens is not greatly removed from the surface of the earth, respectively, and the picture does not give a large scale view. If you activate the stream from this webcam you can see the street, or rather part of it, the next building, a sidewalk path. Day a clear view of traffic and pedestrians entering the frame at night, thanks to being near a bright lamp you can see not less than a day. Web camera is a source of timely and reliable information about what is happening in the covered area. This is a unique tool for those motorists who have left the field of view of the lens of the vehicle. The device helps to monitor its integrity at any time. With a webcam you can take a virtual tour of Jurmala, to explore its streets, to get acquainted with everyday life of local residents.

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