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Jurmala is well-known city of Latvia, where the humor festivals, competitions and other events, which attracts famous people from all over Russia and not only. Jurmala can please not only their hospitality, but also a rich flora. Here more than three hundred plants that can be found rarely, to see the richness of colors in the summer you could, if you would come here to visit in person, in the absence of such possibility you can just see the city from a bird's eye view. The panorama from the height of Jurmala gives the webcam broadcast sent to the network round the clock in real time. Using the device you can not only enjoy the view, inaccessible from the land, but also to know the weather condition in the city. Position for the webcam was selected in such a way that people could see most of the city, appreciate its architecture, and infrastructure. The shot fall the rooftops, the details of the street will fail because of the remoteness of the device. Webcam captures water surface of the river and one of its twists and turns through the territory of Latvia. A special view to the user with the onset of darkness, even though the camera and there is no night mode, the city appears in a completely different form. After sunset light up not only the Windows in the houses, but the neon signs of shops and restaurants, bringing all Jurmala is a huge installation. This colorful spectacle you can see and enjoy them, if you spend a little time watching the broadcast.

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