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The Latvian coast has much to offer even the most demanding tourists who are accustomed to seeing not only comfortable hotels, but also the beauty of nature around, warm water, white sand. The government strictly monitors the environment in the country, therefore, and not only, it's so nice to be during the holidays. All that gave man a nature in this country, used them to the max, but have taken care to ensure that the products of human activity does not harm the local landscape. In the territory of Latvia is about 8 ports, all of them are actively used for transporting cargo and cruise trips. If you arrive to Jurmala there is no guarantee that will be able to see the coast from a bird's flight, to assess the quality of the local features and advantages of this coast have from the ground. If you want to watch on the Latvian coast with a different height, a stream from the web camera, which gives a panoramic view of the coast from a height. The picture is of such high quality that in good weather you can see the territory covered in detail. At night stream supplied online, loses contrast, becomes the reason for all the remoteness of the device and there is no night mode. We suggest you to enjoy the day, especially bright scenery unfold before your eyes during sunrise and sunset. The webcam works around the clock to watch the video at any convenient for you time. The stream is fed into the grid totally free, in real time, given the fact that the frame gets not only the shore and the water surface, but the sky through a web-camera, you can learn about the weather conditions in Jurmala.

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