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Latvia is an interesting country, which are popular not only because on its territory there are buildings with architecture from different eras, but also because then you can relax. Due to the fact that the flow of tourists in the country less than in France and other more famous resorts on the territory of Latvia feel more comfortable. Especially popular beaches in Jurmala, and they are distinguished by livability, cleanliness and other undeniable advantages. To rate them is not necessarily blind to come into the country, you can take advantage of modern facilities and see the screen of your own computer. All this became possible after on-site beaches were installed a web camera, one of them overlooks the beach of Maiori. If you look closely, is not difficult to understand that from this angle it is easy to see the water surface and the descent to it and the wide coastline covered with sand. Here in the holiday period is always a lot of people with Webcams are perfectly visible and weather conditions. The device works online in real time. The stream is fed into the grid around the clock, the most beautiful landscapes in the period of dawn and dusk. At night something difficult in the details, all because web camera is not night mode. The device will become your good helper, if you are in search of the perfect place to stay in Jurmala is popular tour business, when you view a web camera, you can see the ferries for boat trips. Video enough to take advantage of the lighted places, learn more about the country you will learn coming to Latvia for a visit.

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