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The nature and landscape of Latvia is very diverse, on the one hand, there are fens, with other desert lands, but there are places where the rest will seem special. Different the territory of Latvia and favorable environmental conditions, there are strictly monitored for purity, so the beaches are always crowded with people during the summer heat. The beaches in the Territory of Jurmala differ from those you might see in other countries. They have the particular infrastructure and architecture, the coastline is quite wide to accommodate a huge number of tourists. During the holiday season in Jurmala is always full of people, warm water, white sand is not all that can offer you this country. If you are only going here, I advise you to see the panorama of the beaches, which will give the necessary insight on how everything is arranged. To see a panorama, you can at any time convenient for you, you just have to want it. The webcam shows the picture of the clock, good enough Internet to video was broadcast without interruption. The webcam works online, the shooting is done in real time, this means that you will easily know the weather and wave heights and other useful information. The device is installed opposite the water's surface, the shot misses the beach and approach the water. If you look closely it is hard not to notice that the slope is very shallow, the depth goes to sea gradually, that's why come here like families with children. Before you travel be sure to watch the video, rate the quality of the beaches, Jurmala, so you do not be disappointed.

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