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In Latvia the state language is Latvian, but as in many countries they are often visited by tourists, you can hear various languages, including English, which you are free to explain what you need. Very often there will hear Russian language, so problems with communication of tourists with the local population does not occur on the holidays. Jurmala, located on the territory of Latvia, is very popular due to the unique nature, the climate and the opportunity to spend time at the beach. Delight in the country kitchen, it is characterized by unusual and very pleasant taste and a variety of possible recipes. Any restaurant welcomes guests with great hospitality and not just because people pay for their own lunch, but because Latvians themselves are very peaceful and hospitable. Enormous popularity among the local population and tourists is a restaurant on the Turaidas street, offers a wide menu and comfortable during dinner. The administration of the institution tried qualitatively to execute not only the interior of the restaurant, but also has exerted much effort for the exterior design. Around the restaurant a lot of greenery, there is a small Parking and good road access. Now to see the place and own desktop in front of him due to the installed web camera. An advantage of the device is that non broadcast picture absolutely free in real time. Online stream available to any network user, regardless of where it is located. Web camera helps to conduct the first remote familiarity with the restaurant, she works around the clock, but night time the clarity decreases, but becomes more clearly visible sign, which attracts its customers.

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