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Latvia is a small country but it attracts into its territory beautiful sandy beaches, blue lakes that look especially amazing in the summer. This resort can rightly be called a pearl, even when it's still cold to swim in the water, you can find a lot of new Hobbies. One of the most popular on the territory of Latvia is Jurmala, festivals and other major cultural events, so great that today we can see the city and not coming here, only activating broadcasts from web cameras installed on the streets. One of them goes to the Jomas street, the shot misses the road and walkway paving. Due to the chosen perspective are not visible building in the area of coverage of the lens. The webcam works in real time, stream is fed into the grid around the clock, so the user can make a virtual journey at any convenient time. When the sun street is still visible, only the picture becomes darker, and under the lights, fully illuminating the subject, only visible silhouettes of people. To view the webcam you need to have a quality network connection and some free time. If you plan to travel to Latvia, different broadcasts, including this one, will help you to explore its attractions in advance and draw up a future plan for their holiday. You will learn a lot for yourself if you just spend a little time watching the broadcast, will be able to appreciate the streets and the number of tourists during the holiday season, the main thing, that is supplied with this webcam stream is absolutely free for any user on the network, regardless of its geographic location.

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