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In Latvia the most popular sports, including hockey, basketball, tennis and any other of its species, but it is not the only thing people take yourself at your leisure. At weekends and in the evening on weekdays there used to attend concerts of local pop stars and foreign, who come here on tour. The concert hall "Dzintari" in Jurmala holds a few hundred people, its design is thought over so that to create amazing acoustics. If you ever find yourself in Latvia, be sure to visit one of the views, any of them will make a good impression on you, you will be able to get a lot of good emotions and will occupy their leisure time. If the trip is not provided in the near future, see the concert hall from the screen of your own computer, it is enough to connect it to the Internet. Web camera installed there the perfect companions you want to get acquainted with the object remotely. The device works online around the clock, and it means that to watch the broadcast, the user can at any time convenient to him. If you look closely to the broadcast, you will understand that the described concert hall of the open type, which is not bad, on the contrary in surprisingly good weather here especially enjoy spending time with. Concert organizers are doing everything possible to make people feel comfortable and safe. The construction metal beams, it can be clearly seen with the webcam, and she goes to the entrance to the concert hall. When night falls, but the show must go on, you can see how well lit indoor room. from the screen of your computer, you can get the latest information about what is happening in Jurmala, sound activation will help to take in the sights of the holiday that there is.

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