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Among the cities of the Baltic States of Latvia, though not one of the most populated, but few people are aware of the fact that since 90-ies the number of people living here has decreased significantly. All because here a large number of people began to leave after independence. Today the number of people slowly increases, improving domestic policies and developing tourism. Not to say that tourism Latvia earns the same as France or Italy, but then you can usefully spend the time to get quality rest and enjoying the sights and monuments of culture. In the town Rezekne there are Liberation square, it has a unique landscape design. In General Latvia, and all its cities, a distinctive attitude towards the design of streets, you can always see a lot of greenery, in the summer, miraculously transform the country. To see the area today without leaving the house, in front of the object was a web camera, the lens which goes on the object. The device provides real-time, in the frame of the broadcast enters the area completely, and also the access road to it and building around. The web camera is not night mode, so after dark the picture is dark and you just see the lights and the objects under them. The device helps the modern user to find out a lot of useful information about the area in the coverage area of a web camera. It is seen that the camera is installed at a height where it can transmit video to a small part of the city. The architecture of the square implies division into four equal areas inside the ellipse in the centre is a small area laid with paving slabs.

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