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Nature has an amazing imagination, she not only created a huge number of animals, but gave them his, especially the coloring. Brightness and attractiveness are different tropical birds, but to see them, not everyone can, because special enclosures are created only in some countries where the climate allows no harm to them to contain the whole family. This aviary is in Monterey, but even having information about it, not everyone can afford a trip to USA. For those who would like briefly to enjoy the sight in front of the cage, were installed webcam. Stream the network-and served in real time. Anyone from any country in the world, can see the enclosure at a convenient time by simply having Internet access and the device that receives the signal. If you have always been interested in birds this is a unique opportunity for you to see these, which were brought here from all over the world. The web camera is working whole day without a break, but with the nightfall, the birds become less active and sleep, so watching them is not so interesting. In addition to the video signal, the device delivers the sound, so you can not only enjoy coloring some birds, but penim.

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