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Веб камера Побережье бухты Монтерей

About webcam "Coast of Monterey Bay" in Monterey

In the American town of Monterey there is a huge area occupied by beaches, it is not surprising, because it is located on the shore of the ocean. Some beaches equipped for tourists on their shores, the bright sand, there are cafes and restaurants, while others have retained their original beauty and is covered with rocky formations. Here people are less likely to come for a walk, but if you have the opportunity, definitely take the time to see the beauty offered to the person North America. Even if you are unable to come here now to see the coast of Monterey Bay from your computer screen, it is enough to take the time and have a good Internet connection. For all who want to enjoy the scenery here has installed a web camera in real-time. The device is aimed at the area, and captures not only the coast but also the sea surface to the horizon. The webcam works around the clock, but the latter, colourful pictures appear before you at sunset, after dark the picture is deteriorating due to the lack of light. Thanks to a web camera you will always know exactly what the weather on the coast and how much worried sea. This is a unique opportunity to assess the benefits of the Cove and decide for yourself whether you want to spend time vacation on a visit to this place.

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