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Jellyfish – creatures that nature has made an amazing, unique, unique. Throughout the world there are several species, some of them are absolutely harmless, but others are pretty much stings and burns are dangerous to humans. If simple, you can observe on the coast of the Black sea, the dangerous lives in the ocean and it is better not to meet with them. But what to do if interest in these creatures is not lost and I want, if not hold, then observe their behavior in the natural environment. In Monterey there are jellyfish in the aquarium, but to go there you have to spend a lot of money. For those who has no such opportunity, in front of the aquarium were installed webcam. She delivers the broadcast to the whole world, just to connect to the Internet. Rest assured, this opportunity to see these incredible creatures absolutely free and safe for your health you will have. The picture is broadcast in real time around the clock, even when the aquarium is empty, you can still watch the jellyfish. It is very convenient, you not only expand your horizons, but arrive just in time free time. Ask your child to see something new for it, few will refuse this possibility. Seen some so fascinating that they spend a few hours watching the natural behavior of the jellyfish in the aquarium.

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