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It is difficult to imagine how the ocean looks under water, if you've never seen this spectacle. Monterey has the opportunity to visit a specially equipped room, which is a huge aquarium with animals of the seabed. There is always a lot of tourists and locals who enjoy the magnificent view in front of their eyes. It's something incredible, unimaginable, but, unfortunately, too early to go there it was necessary to come to the city. Now all became much easier, simply turn on your computer broadcast from Webcams and you can discover new experiences. Be sure to show a picture of your child, it's enough to have a device that accepts a video signal and an Internet connection. All the animals of the seabed appear before your eyes in a familiar place. Here they behave naturally, it is possible to study the habits of some of them. The device works round the clock in real time, some fish like to pose for the camera and happy to communicate with people through the thick glass of the aquarium. When people come here you can walk for hours, and when you look at the computer screen difficult to look away. The webcam works in real time, a room for the night close, but the shooting continues to go, this is one of the main advantages of the broadcast – you can watch at your convenient time.

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