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About webcam "African penguins" in the city Monterey

Monterey, which is located in the U.S. can provide a huge number of places that you will surprise you. Here you can see not only exotic animals, but also to see live African penguins, whose life takes a web camera installed across the street. Not every city, but rather on areas of most countries this is not possible to see penguins, and where they are required to fly on a plane. Their content requires special conditions, which not all, even the largest zoos can provide. If your child has had a desire to see these beautiful animals you do not need to buy ticket to another country, you should have Internet access and a device that takes a video stream. Expand the picture to full screen, and let your child in real time enjoy the spectacle. The webcam works all day, but at night the penguins are sleeping, however, as most people on the planet. The rest of the time you can freely watch how they spend their day, what they do. If your child is preparing a report is a great opportunity to write it in first person, not from books.

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