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We all know that the seabed is rich in various species of fish and other animals that live in close Association among themselves. Not everyone can decide to dive to the bottom of the ocean to see this colorful spectacle, but everyone was created the huge size of aquarium in which to observe the interaction of different species. Fish at the Monterey Bay aquarium were collected so that they do not conflict with each other, and people was something to see. Indeed, here one can see not only how they behave in a familiar environment, but also to evaluate the possibility of nature, which gave them a unique coloring. Even if you have no opportunity to visit this unique place, now you are not aggrieved, within the area for tourists, as the web camera, transmitting the image to the whole world. Anyone with an Internet connection can see how the aquarium looks and what wildlife lives there. The device operates in real time around the clock, even when customers disagree, and the room is closed, the stream stops. Surprise your child, show him that invented humanity as we could without harm to the environment use of modern technical progress. This show, which is hard to look away, turning a picture on the entire screen, you will occupy a child for some time and will be able to discover something new.

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